Trump for President: Astrological Predictions - John Hogue

So who is Donald Trump? Is he a rich, racist, misogynist, conceited clown who makes outrageous comments that only ultra-right-wingers could love? Or is he a ultra-savvy real estate tycoon who has amassed fortunes by wheeling-and-dealing in the richest and toughest markets in world capitalism?


According to John Hogue in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions, he may be both. He might also be next US president, if his stars align.


In 156 pages and 14 chapters, Mr. Hogue presents his take on who Donald Trump really is, what his chances are for winning the 2016 US presidential election, and how he would likely govern as president. While his book is heavy on astrological reckonings, Mr. Hogue also pulls from news reports, history, his personal experiences with Geminis, and Mr. Trump’s own writings, to paint his picture of “The Donald.”


The portrait he comes up with is of a man more complex than usually seen in the news or on The Apprentice reruns. We are shown a man with issues, but also with a record of material success who has the potential to use his abilities at this unique moment in history for the common good (even as he unabashedly promotes and adores himself).


There is a lot of astrology in this book, as you would expect since the title proclaims it to be a book of astrological predictions. It is, however, balanced with a lot of straight-forward prose, as well as with explanations and interpretations of the astrology jargon. In fact, Mr. Hogue even provides, in Chapter 3, some definitions for many of the astrological terms he uses.


There is also a link (this is an ebook) in Chapter 1 to a graphic of Trump’s birth chart. It’s interesting to see, though it would only be meaningful to someone who knows astrology and who could refer to it while reading the book.


With this baseline of Trump’s personality, Mr. Hogue goes on to talk about how Trump will affect the 2016 US presidential election, and how it will affect him.


All of this provides a more balanced view of Donald Trump than you’re likely to get outside of doing a lot of reading and research yourself. Mr. Hogue shows us that the man is neither a buffoon nor a messiah (although he may, at times, behave as the former and consider himself, at times, to be the latter).


I highly recommend Trump for President: Astrological Predictions as a topical work on the “force of growth and reconstruction” that is Donald Trump. In these momentous times, it’s another clue.